SLO in Dogs | Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy in Greyhounds

Our dog has developed a condition known as SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy) which effects her claws. She initially lost a dewclaw a few years ago which was followed by her losing virtually all of her claws which is very painful for her and very distressing for Us.

SLO is an autoimmune disease that causes an immune response against your own cells and tissues. In the case of dogs ( and our greyhound)  SLO causes a rejection of their claws. SLO is not infectious or contagious, if other dogs come into contact with a dog that has SLO they cannot contract it.

When the claw comes off it reveals a very raw pink tissue that carry the blood vessels and nerves that supply the claw.

Our local vet was able to diagnose that our dog has SLO by surgically removing a dewclaw and sending it away for a biopsy. He prescribed vitamin B3, omega 3 and a short course of prendisalone. Her paws were treated with Manuka honey as it seems to have good antibacterial properties.

The photos below show what now happens when she loses a claw due to SLO. Her claws rarely bleed these days , we just get to see the quick covered in a white coating.

This is her paw after losing the claw due to SLO
slo in dogs | Poorly paw | Greyhound
And another angle
SLO in dogs | SLO oin Greyhounds
In bandages after having lost more claws due to SLO
greyhound with poorly paws
Ex racing greyhound on the beach